It all starts here.

Welcome to Room 18! I’m Jean Hoffheimer, and this portfolio is my manifesto of two intense years (2014-2016) spent as a public educator in a critical needs Mississippi High School. On this website you can witness firsthand my ups and downs, failures, and ultimate successes as a steward of education. As a native of the state, I grew up in Oxford, Mississippi. Even attending some of the best public schools in the state, however, there were shortcomings that failed to meet my needs. I moved to the Northeast for all of my high school and college experience, attending the Hotchkiss School and ultimately graduating from Smith College with a B.A. in Latin American studies and government. I returned to Mississippi as part of a highly selective graduate program, Mississippi Teacher Corps. This integrated a full time teaching job with graduate classes, leading up to a MACI degree awarded in May 2016.

My return to the state, particularly in the extremely lacking area of education, has been a lengthy process. Yet even at its worst, I would not trade my experience teaching high school students at Aberdeen High School for anything. Working in a critical needs district has pushed my own boundaries and elevated my world view, allowing me to make connections with some of the individuals in this state with the most purpose and potential. The outcome of this partnership has been unforeseeably productive for both the students I sought to elevate as well as me, personally. While I came back to try to improve my home state, it was ultimately my home state, with all its promise, that improved me.